Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail

25th Anniversary Edition with a New Afterword

Includes Revised Guide to Women's History Along the Oregon Trail

by Susan G. Butruille

The lives and struggles of the women who followed the 2,000-mile trail to Oregon 175 years ago narrated in women's stories, diaries, songs, and recipes.

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Pages: 274

5.5 x 8.5
Number of illustrations: 128

Women's History, Western History

ISBN-10: 1941890261 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781941890264 (Ebook)
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Readers say . . .

"Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail is my go-to book for capturing the emotion of women's stories as they crossed the continent. It's the authentic account of life, loss and hope that marks that journey, and is history as it should be written: as deeply moving story." -Jane Kirkpatrick, NY Times bestselling author of All She Left Behind

"Finely crafted, clean, engaging." -Lillian Schlissel, Professor Emerita, American Studies at Brooklyn College and author of Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey

"A grand book. It touches me, and I can't think of anything else that approaches it in its vivid picture of life on the trail." -William Bullard, Former Administrator of the National Frontier Trails Center in Independence, Missouri, and author of Bound for the Promised Land

Full Description

In Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail, Susan Butruille artfully narrates the lives and struggles of the women who followed the 2,000-mile trail to Oregon 175 years ago. This 25th Anniversary Edition not only retraces the women's journeys, but also brings their narratives to life in diary, song, history, poetry, quilts, and recipes. Beginning with the Midwestern farms where most of the women were from-and where so many started their journey by squeezing their families' lives into the tiny space inside a covered wagon --Susan follows their daring and dangerous trek to a strange new land.

These women toiled across unforgiving landscapes, braving perilous rivers and mountain passes, prairie storms and disease, to reach the strange and bountiful land where a new home was supposed to await. The author herself retraces this trail as it is today in the "Guide to Women's History Along the Oregon Trail," documenting where to find the markers, signposts, landmarks, and historical sites that show traces of women's historical presence along the trail.

Susan G. Butruille
About the author

Award-winning author Susan G. Butruille's writing career began with a fishing column in Alaska. Following the Oregon Trail book, she wrote Women's Voices from the Western Frontier, and Women's Voices from the Mother Lode: Tales from the California Gold Rush. She has written articles, histories and film scripts, plus Recipe For Justice: The Readers Theatre Suffrage Play, and her Master's Degree thesis, Tracing the Dark Madonna from Ephesus to Provence to Chartres.

Butruille has taken her dramatic-musical presentations, workshops, and speeches from the Oregon Trail to Washington, D.C. to France, and has studied songwriting in Ireland. Susan Butruille wrote the script for the film Bound For Oregon, featured at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City. She has sung in the Wenatchee Follies and Village Voices, and cofounded the Dangerous Women productions in Leavenworth, Washington.

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