Susan G. Butruille
Photo by John Butruille
With narrative, stories, recipes, song, and audience participation, Susan Butruille recreates scenes, both humorous and piognant, from SUFFRAGE HISTORY in THREE dramatic-musical presentations.

  • RECIPE FOR JUSTICE: Susan Butruille’s lively and touching REVUE of her own musical readers theatre play, with music, narration, and audience participation. RECIPE FOR JUSTICE tells the dramatic tale of Washington equal suffrage from territorial beginnings through the Washington victory in 1910 and national suffrage in 1920. The play follows three generations of women as they share recipes, songs, memories, and contrary views over equal suffrage, women’s rights, and family dynamics. Voices of suffragist spirits weave through the play with comments and historical perspectives, acting at times as a sort of Greek chorus.

  • IT SEEMED THAT I WAS INSPIRED: Butruille’s solo portrayal of leading Northwest suffragist, newspaper editor, and Oregon Trail emigrant Abigail Scott Duniway, who urged her readers to move to Washington after her state of Oregon rejected yet again voting rights for women.

  • TEA, TRUE WOMANHOOD, AND THOSE UPPITY SUFFRAGIST WOMEN! In this fast-paced presentation, Susan Butruille urges her audience to -- watch out for tea parties! That’s where many women have started thinking about their lives, their own freedom, and other radical notions. Butruille explores the dynamics designed to keep women in their places, and tells about women who defied convention and claimed freedom for themselves and for future generations.

    “I had no idea I would learn so much – and have so much fun!” -- audience member
    “A wonderful presentation! Everyone had a great time.” – LWV program coordinator
    “I’ll not soon forget the moments of laughter, tears and reflection borne from these remarkable lessons from history. . . . I cannot help but take inspiration from these remarkable lessons from history.” – Lisa Bergman, Executive Director, Icicle Creek Music Center

    Susan Butruille, who holds a Master of Arts degree in nonfiction writing, is the author of the award-winning Women’s Voices trilogy on women in the West, numerous nationally-published articles, and film scripts. She has presented lectures, performances, and workshops from coast to coast and in France, and appeared with Oregon Chautauqua and Humanities Washington’s Inquiring Mind. Recipe For Justice sponsors are the Upper Valley Historical Society, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Icicle Fund, and the Washington Women’s History Consortium, a part of the Washington State Historical Society. The Recipe For Justice script is available for public performance and school readings. Susan G. Butruille, M.A. • • PO Box 385, Leavenworth, WA 98826.

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