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St. Johns, Oregon 1997
150 Years on the Willamette
Smith was at the celebration with Historical Gazettes
Photo by Keith Whittle.

Bridget E. Smith, editor, St. Johns, Oregon 1997 photo by Keith Whittle

Bridget E. Smith, editor, Brooks, Oregon 1995 photo by Chigusa Ohtsuka

Bridget E. Smith, editor, Portland, Oregon 1995 Photo by Keith Whittle

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Portland's Union Station, we published a news-sheet with wonderful old photos and stories from the opening day in 1896. We appeared at the Rail Fair on May 10, 1996 with our paper "hot off the press." They held up the trains for us. (just joking!)
Photo by Keith Whittle
<--------- Smith takes a break atop this bike at the Brooks, Oregon Annual Steam-Up where she enjoyed a research field trip to learn more about wheat threshing / milling and farming implements. Her long-time friend and Japanese correspondent, Chigusa Ohtsuka, took this photo. (July 1995)

Bridget E. Smith, editor dressed for parade day celebrating 75 years of the vote for women, Portland, Oregon 1995 photo by Chigusa Ohtsuka

Portland, Oregon August 26, 1995. H.G. Editor Smith dressed for a parade celebrating 75 years of the vote for women and the century and a half struggle to gain this right.
Photo by Chigusa Ohtsuka.


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