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In the past, the stories on our web site were only a sample of the articles in each edition.
In some cases we have added more stories and as time goes on we plan to add more.

Our Humble Beginnings
#1 Sumpter, Oregon 1900 Eastern Oregon Gold Fields
#2 Baker City, Oregon 1899 Eastern Oregon Gold Fields
#3 St. Johns Bridge Opens Today Portland, Oregon 1931
#4 Central City Centennial Portland, Oregon 1891/1991
#5 Portland, Oregon 1877 -currently out of print-
#6 Maritime Portland Oregon 1891
#7 Columbia River Maritime Pacific Northwest 1792
#8 Dan & Louis Oyster Bar 85th Anniversary Portland, 1907


Oregon Trail Series
#1 Emigrant Wagons Roll Westward Oregon Trail 1843
#2 Gold Seekers Rush to California Oregon Trail 1849
#3 Border Wars or Indian Massacres Oregon Trail 1856
#4 Oregon Territory Joins the Union Oregon Trail 1859
#5 War Disrupts Manifest Destiny Oregon Trail 1863
#6 Roads Bring Soldiers & Emigrants Oregon Trail 1869
#7 Oregon, Land of Gold & Opportunity Oregon Trail 1873
#8 Chief Joseph Surrenders to Col. Miles Oregon Trail 1877
#9 The Columbia River: Trail to Trade Oregon Trail 1880
#10 Trains Roll Emigrants Westward Oregon Trail 1883


Focused Topics
#1 Pendleton Blankets, Robes & Shawls Pendleton Woolen Mills
#2 Smokey Bear Celebrates 50 Years Fighting Fires 1944-1994
#3 Huber's: Keeping A Dream Alive Portland, Oregon 1879-1994
#4 End of the Oregon Trail, Oregon City, Incorporated 1844
#5 Women Win Right To Vote 75 Years of the Vote: 1920-1995
#6 All Aboard! at Union Station 100 Years of Service: 1896-1996
#7 150 Years on the Willamette River St. Johns, Oregon 1997


Pacific NW Wheat Series
#1 Wheat Sustains the Settlement Pacific NW 1825-1845
#2 Wheat: Oregon's Golden Future Pacific NW 1845-1860
#3 Golden Wheat: King of CommercePacific NW 1860-1870
#4 Elements Plague Wheat Growers Pacific NW 1870-1880
#5 The Grain Growing Business of Wheat Pacific NW 1880-1890
#6 Wheat: Currency as Good as Gold Pacific NW 1840s
#7 Maritime Transportation of Wheat Pacific NW 1880-1890
#8 Grist Mills on the Calapooia River Pacific NW 1880-1890


Historic Preservation
#1 Historic Preservation League of Oregon 1977-1997
#2 Experience the Past at Historic Places 1977-1997
Coming Soon! ~Already in Print~ Soon a piece on the web:
#3 Simon Benson's House Receives A New Foundation 1900-2000

A paper copy of these titles are housed at the research library of the Oregon Historical Society in downtown Portland, Oregon. A paper copy of most of our editions have been donated to the Central Library in downtown Portland. Perhaps they are still available there in their documents collections. Our Editor really does intend to add one of our Simon Benson's articles to our web site. Stay Tuned. We are making headway, albeit slowly. All pages on this site have received a fresh face. We are adding small new pages or adding stories to our old pages. All are typed and coded by the same human who made the original pages in the mid-1990's. All copy is attributed to the source. So, Keep Riding (or Writing!) and Happy Trails!


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