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Pacific Northwest 1825 -1900s

The Pacific Rim trading center for Northwest wheat is Portland's Wheat Marketing Center. A non-profit corporation, with the purpose of providing wheat and end-product quality research; and, technical and market development support, was established in Portland more than 20 years ago. Its board of directors is composed of representatives of the U.S Wheat farmers, the Port of Portland, export and country elevator operators and the Portland business community.

Pacific NW Wheat Series

This series was sponsored by the The Wheat Marketing Center. We published eight editions of the originally planned ten Historical Gazettes dedicated to telling the history of wheat in the Pacific Northwest. These editions were made available at the Wheat Marketing Center's Interpretive Center located in the same landmark Albers Mill Building. Silos from the original milling company are still part of this building and they are visible from the northwest side of the Broadway Bridge.

#1 Wheat Sustains the Settlement 1825-1845
#2 Wheat: Oregon's Golden Future 1845-1860
#3 Golden Wheat: King of Commerce1860-1870
#4 Elements Plague Wheat Growers 1870-1880
#5 Grain Growing Business of Wheat 1880-1890
#6 Wheat: Currency as Good as Gold 1840s
#7 Maritime Transportation of Wheat 1880-1890
#8 Grist Mills on the Calapooia River 1880-1900

Wheat Marketing Center
1200 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 230
Portland, Oregon 97209-2831
503-295-0823/FAX 503-295-2735

2009--HG Editor, Bridget E. Smith stands in front of two of the racks that hang in the hallway outside the WMC. Eight in total, one for each edition.

Albers Mill Building
Albers Mill Bld.

HG Editor with WMC Gazettes


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