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Volume One Number Five

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Portland, Oregon 1877

Salmon and Wool Shipments
Directory Reports on Trade
The large increase in our exports is also due to the vast quantity of salmon shipped to European and other markets during l876. In l875, there were l7 canneries in operation on the Columbia River and the catch was estimated at 372,000 cases. Of this number 195,600 cases were shipped to England; 76,661 cases were shipped to New Zealand, Australia, South America and to Eastern ports, whilst 130,739 cases were shipped to the Sandwich Islands, British Columbia and numerous domestic ports.

The value of the salmon catch for l875 has been estimated at $2,500,000. During the past year the catch of salmon has greatly increased, the quantity being estimated at 480,000 cases, all of which found ready markets at remunerative prices. During this year it is estimated that 30 canneries will be in operation on the Columbia River, and with a favorable season, we may hope that the exports of Oregon will be measurably increased by their successful industry.

In addition to the preparation of salmon many of these establishments will also engage in the preparation of canned beef and other meats, which when fully entered into, will prove a source of great revenue and will more than realize the assertion made in the Centennial Circular that "the exports of Oregon average $318 to every man in the State. Her wheat, wools, salmon and fruits command from five to ten percent higher price than those from any other country. With a population of 40,000 men her export of wheat equals one-seventh of the total export of the United States."

From these facts and figures it may easily be surmised that the export trade of Portland is just emerging from its embryo state, and that each recurring year in the future will find it increasing in dimensions as the products of the State become introduced into new avenues of the commercial world.

Another product of Oregon which in the future will be largely exported is the article of wool, of which there was exported during l876, 3,125,000 pounds, [yes, that's 3 million!] estimated in value at $600,000. In this staple we also find a great increase in the quantity exported over that of l875. Portland City Directory, 1877

The above story is one of several in this edition which gives the highlights of the day in 1877 Portland, Oregon.


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