History Demands Action


Our Hidden Shame of the Cold War:

Our Atomic Veterans

Be on sands or water.

They, We, were treated the same:

All showered with radiation.

They: Sworn to secrecy, to tell NO ONE.

What Was Done

To Them, to US.

In the Hot Cold War.

We were showered with radiation.

They told NO ONE.

History's Events Continue

Our Health Factors have been hidden,

Keeping US poor to support Global WAR

On US and Them and Our Planet!

Stop now while we still can.

Change course, redirect our aim,

No time to divide our ranks.

Let US conquer our past mistakes.

It is imperative:

History Demands Action!

If life is to continue on our world

Work must be done to save it.

~~Bridget E. Smith, January 11, 2016


January 2014 -- Bridget E. Smith, stands next to poster announcing Atomic Veterans Day on July 16, 2001. Smith designed and created the poster. Atomic veterans and family met to commemorate their service at the American Legion Hall #158 in Tigard, Oregon.

Atomic Veterans meetings have been held here quarterly now for more than a decade. Credit for these meetings in large part belongs to Keith R Whittle, Atomic Veterans History Project and the National Association of Atomic Veterans (NAAV).


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